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Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Plot(s) of Land in Purissima Estate

Why should we buy plots of land in Purissima estate? This has been a recurring question from our prospects. In response to this, we have put together five (5) reasons why anyone should invest in Purissima estate.

  1. It is Situated in a Strategic Location: The main driver of development in an area is the presence of companies, housing facilities, and other modern facilities. Purissima Estate shares a neighborhood with NDDC staff quarters, Cheng, a Chinese Company, and other residential estates, which means that the area is ripe for development and would appreciate rapidly.
  2. Great Road-Linking Network: The estate is situated in an area with a great road-linking network, through which you can easily access other key places in Port Harcourt. Purissima estate is a two (2) minutes drive from Sars Junction, ten (10) minutes drive from Uniport, and five (5) minutes drive from Rukpokwu Roundabout.
  3. The Location of the Estate is Not Waterlogged: Purissima Estate is 100% free from waterlogging or flooding because the estate is located in dry land. Navitas Realties have a team of Civil Engineers & Survey Experts that charted the land and confirmed that the estate is located in a great place.
  4. Issuing Appropriate Documents: Immediately after complete payments, you will be issued a receipt, Letter of Acknowledgement, Deed of Conveyance, and Structured Layout Plan, which gives you full ownership of the landed property.
  5. Flexible Payment Plan: In line with the vision of Navitas Realties Limited, which is “to provide an affordable real estate for everyone,”,” we have a flexible payment structure. You can make an outright payment or pay in installments, whichever suits you best.

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