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Relocation/Moving Services

Navitas Relocation is a sister brand of Navitas Realties Ltd.
We understand that relocation can be tedious, chaotic and a stressful experience but with the right parkers and movers, it becomes a pleasant experience. We offer quality relocating services, giving our customer a smoothe hassle free move.

We strive to provide our customers an experience that is trouble free through team work, integrity and continuous improvement. We provide support and guidance for local, domestic moves along with the care and personal attention needed for a successful relocation.

With Navitas, you are guaranteed of a seamless and efficient movement from one place to another.

Our Moving Services are designed to make your every move extraordinary and we are here to guarantee your move is smooth and stress free.

Our Packages:
- Navitas PTUP: Park, Transport, Unpark
- Navitas TUP: Transport, Unpark
- Navitas TP: Transport

Our Services:
- Pre move consultation
- In home survey/ Office Survey
- Parking Services
- Transport/ Moving services
- Delivery/Unparking

We also provide an additional service which is cleaning your home professionally and making it habitable.

No cracks, No damageā€¦.We love your properties just as you do.


We have listed over 5,000 Properties.

Navitas Realties provide a wide variety of real estate services to investors. We understand that you do not want to be in the business of real estate and property management, but we do.

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